Eurocucina 2014

Varenna presented new kitchen models and updated some existing lines at Eurocucina this year. Beautiful Varenna booth displayed Phoenix, Twelve and Trail showing the new features and highlighting the [...]



Jean-Marie Massaud


A simple, refined and timeless style has driven the essential design of this table. A self standing structure in refined wood and steel with a smoked velvet-like grey plate framed by a small setting i[...]


Jean-Marie Massaud


The fascinating most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro is the extraordinary scenario for the new armchair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. A wraparound and versatile upholstered piece of furniture which o[...]


CR&S Varenna


An exclusive model where all the kitchen units are inspired by pure and essential lines to achieve a rigorous design project.


CR&S Poliform


Ubik offers an innovative organization for tydiness, with a wide range of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions: trays, drawers with the front in wooden finish or glass, extracta[...]


Jean-Marie Massaud


Soft and comfortable shapes, the wraparound double backrest cushions and the thin armrests are the main features of Bristol, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. This sofa allows to combine highly original[...]


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